stop being a backseat driver man

The hottest & the coolest?

The hardest with the softest?

The realest versus the fakest?

iDon’t GIF a shit, cuz the beat is the sHit!

SBC IT boys!

 Saluti alla SBC!   

Your new favourite drink??


But me remember

d best (ever) things in life

aren’t things,
but me memories.

So you’re telling me

He (got) used to be a stoner?

Money ain’t (th)a thing – it’s everything!

B(l)ack in the game

Strawberry Sneeze


Fresh fish

Brought to you directly from my new favourite asian food store delivery service eating & dining joint.

how many pianos?

But actually

I’m totally…

Don’t act like this

Even if u feel like this.

Well, kinda running out of words… guess not only chicks dig this.



Now let’s head over to Cool Germania

Jus’ don’t trip!

Street smart fart

Yeah whatever, as long as the rhyme’s n’sync – think pink!

All I’m actually tryin’ to say is that you might leave out (all the rest?) the letter e and then it is up to you, if you wanna say it in english or italian.

Ca$h€ nite magge diese Sacche? Oh doch, I jus’ did! Ya dig?

Genäse, n onbeabsechdiggda automatische lens flare hez mer au no inegschneit, so don’t h8!

(Besch en) schöne gäu.

Street (p)art II


Street Art


Guys, c’mon!

Who’s in for a (re)treat?

Wanna ride my Harley keen?


Hangin’ around

Caps lock/lack style


D’s toys

B 4 boiz

Dose iz 4 pros



We know

that urry


Das y u gotta b e-c, ma neezy!

Via M.B.G.W!

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