Thanks for reading our blog and all the interesting discussions in the comments… Seriously, please just write a short comment if you like something, it will make our authors (one for sure) very very happy. And I’m pretty sure you’ll see more of that topic in the future. Anyways, we reached a big number of hits this year and this is just the start. Thanks to you guys, our followers and readers.

Now let’s get back to business, I’ve a number of great songs for you. Of course it’s nothing like last-christmas-I-gave-you-my-heart-kinda-shit, we stay true to ourselves and our motto “there is no S, like the BC”. Enjoy.

Ic ben ein bilina:

Oh what a track:

Have some faith!

What a beautiful song

Nobody raps like that girl:

Remember that one? Yo sit back relax sit your cognac

Aaaaaaand then here’s the apres-midi remix of a beautiful song:

Soon the number 4 will be replaced by a 5. Please like, share, spread this selfmade gif. And GIF it up.

Meanwhile the world keeps spinning:

We all love you!


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