…in bed feeling bad as in badass watching like a fool clips.

First we started with a reblog since we were listening to the O.G. version on highTunes wich I cannot recall anymore, although I’m tryin’/dyin’ to find it on the internets. Nevermind. We also stumbled upon this:

I was kind of scared the end would be where it all started (again), but I assume we got lucky.

Next up we got Rudi mental. Broke down in tears because of the fact that I knew those weren’t my people, inevitably they sort of looked like me, but I just could tell by a gut feeling that they must come from somewhere else in (the) S.E.A. Did you see, si, C?

As soon as I saw the shot of the cam zooming out of the picture where the dead bo(d)y lies, it came to my mind I’ve seen it before:

Saw this movie twice with a homie of mine since we fell asleep the first time. Mindbending, eh!

I guess yes. I hereby close out this post by saying only one thing and 1 thing only: Ma chick is…

Thanks for your @10shen and b4 I 4get 2 mention: We’re in need of 2 more Menschen a.k.a. humans to complete our followership to one hunned, wich means u (yeah you) 98 blog subscribers should big up yourselves big time like the Big Tymers. You guys rock!


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