Major hihi, reminds me that someone used to go by this name once. Major, but in the army he was only a soldier. The best I’ve ever known though. Hihi. Speaking of hihi: Penis. Always funny too.
Now back to business: This one is a major reblog! And you know what? I don’t care. Blessed is the one who doesn’t care. And only he who is brave is free (no relation here, but good anyway). Crazy thing about this stupid www is that you can do things right away. And right now I’m saying that rebloggin is nothing to be ashamed for. I mean why should it be a bad thing when in the real world it happens all the fucking time? I’m listening to the track below since 5 days in a crazy-ass-non-stop loop and it gets better and better. So it would be ok to reblog it 5 times!! Oh lord, I hope I didn’t plant a seed into that Major’s head… But some little reblogging every now and then is totall fine! People will tell you when to shut the fuck up. It’s official now: Rebloggin is cool. Rebloggin your own shitty stuff is freaking awesome!!!!

PS: To celebrate this historic moment I’ve created a new category: MajorREEblog!

We love you all!


One thought on “Major REEblog

  1. This, my dear fellow homeboy, is (by) far 1 of theeeee mos’ (def) bes’ blog post eeeeevaaaaa! Thank you, stank u veeeery mizzzzuch! I owe u 3 diz 1, son. Einen schönen gäu.

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