…from one of my favorite beings on this lil thingy called urrf:

There’s the Central Universe, and seven circuits of that Universe that are what are referred to as Local Universes. The scope of the functions and purposes of each and the whole is enormous. I will just say that one of the functions of our universe, one of the seven circuits, is primarily for what we know as “life.” We function as energy/consciousness on multiple levels of this universe simultaneously. We are here in slowed-down ‘solid matter’ density, and we also exist in higher energy frequency wavelengths at the same time, experiencing outside of time/space. You may understand this as different levels of dreams, where you can re-connect with yourself in another form you don’t readily recognize, but feel a very strange familiarity with, and a desire to be with that form at all times because of the content of the dream. Regardless, the universe is infinite in space because space is just one aspect of density, whereas there are infinite other aspects of density that are not confined to three dimensions. The purpose of “life” in three dimensions is simply to experience, teach/learn, and evolve onto higher aspects of self. The ultimate goal is returning to the source after many and different experiences in higher dimensional realities, mostly in the service of others as others higher in reality have helped you on your way upward. That’s the universe. And there’s a lot of other planets and stars and strange stuff out there too that we haven’t been able to fly to and check out. Maybe one day. Turn on some Tom Waits and go skate. Step right up.

Yeah right, that was a whole lot to read for you internet guys out there, huh? Well, to be honest, I’ve just copy pasted this out of Marc Johnson’s Wikipedia input. He’s so cool. And he’s got style. And grace, amazing grace. Humanly speaKing. Thanks.

Oh hey BTW, he’s also that.

Appreciate the inspiration!



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