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The Funky Monday Mood Dude //Strong Voice

Today’s cast is all in favour of that strong female voice that carries so much emotions and strength. Poring ur guts out, pure, raw emotions that leaf no one UN touched. When properly underlined by a good backup band has the potential to sends shivers down ones spin. The track of Alice Russell never made the cut for me because I never made it pass the intro. I am a fool but I have to have something that grabs my attention with in the first 15 sec. or so. If not I will skip the song on my sound system. So when I did not have a free hand to skip the song a couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised and kind of felt like I being put back in my place. The corner of shame and inpatient!
Yeah I am old but still learning new tricks! I love Alice’s voice. It has a kind of dirty, honest; down to earth vibe that will echo thru ur head days after u have listened to her. If Beyoncé is Motown then Alice Russell is definitely Stax. No polished every body’s darling mainstream production bullshit, just pure and honest soul sound. The way I love it. That’s music how it should be forever!

This might be a long one, in the long run

Hello there…

Do you have a minute? Great. Did you already see Vettel as a tiny waitress?

He probably thought to himself

When in fact he actually looked like this

At least he can count to five… oh six

Yeah it really surprised me too

That’s a bit harsh

It’s better to be careful cause this guy know’s Kung FU

Now let’s change the subject. This song is pretty great, isn’t it?

And here’s some background music for the elevator

Grand grande. And this dude is dope

This one’s rather funky, yeah I wish

Same here. Same same but different

This one I call the man and woman who are pixeled: Pix Pux.

Ruffmadi DO NOT watch this… For all the others, look closely @0:27

Last but not least a Shadzchäschtli Mashup:
Ich (m) sah dich (m) am Sexyringing letzten Montag. Du mit Haaren und deiner Wurst in der Hand bist in der Pferdepisse gesessen. Mal uf äm Kaffi?